Terminal boxes in both plastic and aluminium

– Several different models available, meeting all necessary requirements

Terminal boxes

Terminal boxes

Backer keeps in stock a wide range of terminal boxes to be used with stock-kept immersion heaters and customer designed constructions.

The terminal boxes are designed for mounting onto immersion heaters with R 1 ¼" - R2" screw-plugs. The terminal boxes can be turned in any suitable position with respect to the cable inlet.

The covers are made of carbonate plastic or die-cast aluminium. The terminal boxes are designed to meet the requirements for protection class IP55 or better.

The terminal boxes are available in many different models and can be equipped to meet most requirements regarding thermostat and thermal cut-off.

The product range, also include a terminal box in carbonate plastic to be used with our standard defrosting elements. This terminal box meet the requirements for protection class IP65.

Technical data

Terminal boxes - Technical data




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For mounting to our standard immersion heaters with R32/40 and R50 thread, the boxes are assembled with enclosed screws.


Without thermostat and thermal cut-off
With thermostat 1-, 2-, or 3-pole
With thermal cut-off 1- or 3-pole
With thermostat and thermal cut-off

Protection class

IP54, IP65

Example applications

  • Industrial baths
  • Immersion heater with box
  • Domestic water heater

Product examples

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