Heat exchangers, exchanging energy between two mediums

– Seamless tubes from standard range to customized solutions

Heat exchanger

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers are produced with welded and seamless tubes from our standard range of products according to customer specification.

The function of the heat exchanger is to exchange energy between two medium. The tubular heat exchanger from Backer can manage a higher pressure (on the secondary side) than a PHE but the biggest advantage is the possibility to include supplementary heat in the same unit and still keep it’s compact format. This can offer possibilities for room saving application design.

Technical data


Stainless steel acc. to customer specification


Samma storleksklass som traditionella plattvärmeväxlare, t.ex. Ø 130 mm, L: 350 mm


Same size range as traditional PHE, e.g. Ø 130 mm, L: 350 mm


Cables, screws, tab terminals acc. to customer specification


Tubular design


Designed acc. to plumbing standards

Example applications

Examples of applications:

  • Solar heating
  • Heat pumps
  • SPA baths

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