Aluminium heating elements

– Excellent heat conducting properties

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Aluminium elements

With aluminium elements you take advantage of the excellent heat conducting properties of aluminium and thus get a fast and uniform heating along the aluminium profile.

Design and projected to overcome all drawbacks of traditional heating systems. Backer’s aluminium elements products guarantee noiseless operation, perfect running and optimal efficiency. The large finned surface allows 86% of the heat to be conveyed through convection quickly and uniformed, moving a considerable air volume at low temperature if assembled in appliances with the correct assembly which allows an expansion of ca 1% of the length and a max temperature of 350°C.

Technical data

Maximum allowed working temperature is 350 °C which corresponds to approx. 15W/cm specific power at natural convection depending on the profile design. The aluminium profile element can have electrical connection at one or both ends of the element. Element correctly geometric located and with correct assembling device where consideration is taken to an expansion of ca 1% of the length and a max temperature of 350° create conditions for an optimum heating solution.





Fixing in the object


M4, flat pin, spot welded cable, round pin 2,5 mm


One alt. two wattage ratings/element
Connection at one or two ends
X- alt. I-profile
Element for convection
Element for radiation
Anodized elements
Painted elements
Elements with surface enlargement

Example applications

  • Radiators
  • Convectors
  • Train compartment heaters
  • Inner roof heaters
Domestic heating

Product examples

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