Nozzle elements ideal for very corrosive environments

– For optimal and uniform heat transmission

Nozzle elements

Nozzle elements

Nozzle elements are produced with high precision and with high surface loading to meet the high demands of quick and safe heating.

Nozzle elements for plastic extruders we keep on stock. During the manufacturing process the element is subject to very high pressure to reach high insulation resistance, good heat transmission, without internal voids in the element, and a very smooth surface for optimal and uniform heat transmission from the total surface of the element. The element is absolutely tight to avoid for instance that melted plastic, oil or gas leak in.

Technical data


Sheath of brass


45° axial connection
1000 mm cable
Earth connection, protected by a casing of metal braid.


230 V

Surface loading:

4,5 W/cm²

Tensional stability:

2 kV

Product examples

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